SM Experts' team of instructors provides you with on-site courses that match your organization development strategy and demands. 

Our team of instructors comes to you with more than 200 years of collective experience that enable your employees and team players and employees to practice the up-to-date knowledge and techniques of real management, yet enhanced with the real-life touch of practice. Our promise to you, is training that does not waste your teams precious times.

SM Experts, our professional instructors are specialized in the following training topics for corporates:

Your organization work usually lasts for MORE TIME than planned?
Your projects usually end up in a need for EXTRA COST than budgeted?
Your teams used to produce results of LESS QUALITY than agreed upon?

Applying Project Management concepts and practices is the solution for your organization challenges.

Project Management will help your organizations meet its strategic goals in a clearer way and will boost your teams efficiency.

Project Management is not only for construction managers and IT specialists. It is a methodology that all businesses can apply and benefit from.

Our list of PM courses include:

Business Analysts are the professionals concerning with identifying the organizations' Needs, Opportunties and Problems and reaching a Solution for such cases. Although, the profession is not linked to a specific industry, some industries require the effort of Business Analysts more than others.

In general, whenever your organization works or projects, require the interaction with a wide range of Stakeholders, who have different and usually conflicting interests and Requirements, and your organozation is in a need to reach a solution that address such involvements, in such a situation, you are just in a need to apply the proper and professional processes of Business Analysis. In other words, look for a professional Business Analyst.

In SM Experts, we offer the following courses in Business Analysis:

Our list of PM courses include:

Great Managers were not born GREAT!

Great managers are the product of good training and years of practice. While real-life practice can only be done in reality, our Management Skills workshops will provide you with the essentials knowledge and best practice concepts ready for your application.


Our workshops are designed for managers who are looking for providing themselves with the needed knowledge to advance in a dynamic and fast paced developing organizational environment.

Our portfolio of Managemnt Skills training in SM Experts includes:

Our team of professionals in "SM Experts" can study your organization needs and provide you with the suitable Development Solutions, specially customized to support your organization achieve its strategic goals.

The proposed solutions will be developed and customized considering your corporate constraints, from the time limitation to the logistics limitations and the nature of your corporate business.